Fivelements Retreat Fivelements Habitat
Bali Hong Kong

Art Direction
Product Packaging
Fivelements Retreat — Creating and maintaining awareness of the new brand and make it grow to international recognition of excellence.

Fivelements Habitat — Evolve the brand image from its award-winning flagship retreat destination in Bali to the more retail-driven, urban setting of Hong Kong.

Widen the visual brand identity to incorporate new urban wellness models of which wellness design concepts are inspired by Nature as a unifying element for human habitats.
Art Directions, graphics, marketing, product design: Angela Domenici
Photos: Bruna Rotunno, Djuna Ivereigh
Digital Marketing: Helen Izhoykina
Founder & Vision Director: Lahra Tatriele
Visual Brand Identity and Style Guide for both brands.
Content translation into print and digital use for website.
Newsletters, social media and all marketing materials.
Design Support for all new location opening.
Fivelements was recognized with nearly 50 international awards, including the prestigious World Spa & Wellness award for Best Retreat Destination of the Year in 2018. This proved that the design and branding was in sync to user values.

From a boutique wellness retreat in Bali the brand grew to become a global brand, resulting in an invitation by New World Development to conceptualize, design and develop the first urban retreat of its kind worldwide in the hills of Hong Kong. Fivelements Hong Kong was recognized as an innovative, award-winning wellness destination serving three generations for longevity wellness.

The success of the wellness destinations and branding led to Evolution Wellness, the largest health club provider in S.E. Asia, acquiring the brand and the opening of Fivelements Habitats in Hong Kong's city centre.