JBM_ShowTex for Dubai Parks & Resorts
Dubai, UAE

Project management
Large scale Illustrations
The goal was to create a theme park that would enamour, inspire and entertain visitors in ways they haven't experienced before. My focus was to provide high quality artwork for the DreamWorks dedicated area.

Specifics: 3 themed Cyclorama designed to give viewers standing in the middle of the room a 360° view of the dedicated movie location. All to be printed on elastic fabric and to be used as attractions background and to enhance the immersive experience of the visitors.
Art Directions & Project Manager, Artists Scouting: Angela Domenici
Illustrations: Federico Bertolucci, Andrea Cagol, Giorgio Vallorani
Shrek Cyclorama
How to Train Your Dragon Cyclorama
Kung Fu Panda Cyclorama

More than 19.000 square meters of illustrations for 3 themed areas, each averaging 350m width, 15-20m high.
Motiongate Dubai is now a Hollywood-inspired theme park located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, showcasing themed areas and attractions based on DreamWorks Animation.

The resort welcomed nearly 2.8 million visitors in 2018, according to DXB Entertainments.