Biasa Group
Bali, Jakarta, Indonesia

Art Direction
Art Director for Biasa Fashion and Biasa Art with the aim to extend brand awareness and elevate the brand perception into an extraOrdinary luxury.
Built and trained a new creative department for the company group Biasa Fashion.
Branding, packaging, look books, marketing and visual communication for the all area of the company Biasa Art.
Develop all collaterals and marketing needs for the Art Gallery.
Biasa+ branding, packaging, marketing and visual communication.
Biasa % branding packaging, marketing and visual communication.
Art Director: Angela Domenici
Graphic Designers: Made Arsa, Dini Fardiana
Fashion Designer, Art Collector & Creative Director: Susanna Perini
Creation of a new Creative Department.
Production and implementation of all task required from the Biasa Group, from lookbook production, marketing, branding, packaging, digital, art exhibitions brochure and all collaterals including clientele membership program.
The brand conveys a sense of attainable luxury with extraordinary simplicity focusing on creative artistry and high standard quality fabrics as much as visual communication.
Branding and opening support of Biasa+ retail shop, an innovative fusion of fashion and art that feature the unique creative legacy of the brand.
New brand positioning that elevated the brand perception from high-quality to luxury with extraordinary simplicity, as per brand DNA.
New art department with a legacy of highly trained personal.
Increased the shop retails presence and awareness on Bali island.
Increased revenue.
Increased customer loyalty with a new membership program.
Increased repeat purchases.
Increased brand identification and visibility.
Enhanced user experiences in the point of sale.
Elevated the brand perception to more than just fashion.